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Copywriting Hacks: Swipe This to Boost Your Conversion

Copywriting hacks 101: Do you know how to turn your product/service features into tempting benefits that make your clients want to hit the buy button? Swipe these examples and adjust them to your niche today to increase conversion rates.

Quite often, when business owners create or offer a product/service, they are excited about their new addition. They can’t wait to share it with potential customers so they add information about the features, specifications, and technical details. That’s great but…

Potential customers really want to know is how it will benefit them and why they should buy.

Listing the benefits gives customers a reason to buy. They explain how the product or service improves their lives and connect to your customer’s desires to your product/service.

Make those benefits easy to see and stand out by adding them in a bulleted list, with plenty of white space.

If you don’t tell potential customers what’s in it for them and bullet point those reasons, they won’t be buying from you. They’ll be buying from your competitor.

We can’t give you a full list of benefits that apply to your products and services. However, we can share examples and help you understand the difference between features and benefits. Be sure to mix the two with a little persuasive copy.

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Copywriting Hacks: Feature vs. Benefits

  • Use half as much as other brands = Save money for other things
  • Low calorie = Better health, less weight gain
  • Opt-in copy included = Save time, less work
  • Step-by-step instructions – Save money, build skills and confidence
  • Recommended by …. = – Safety, boost confidence
  • Done for you = Save time, less work, more free time
  • You keep all the profits = Make money, save money
  • We’ve included some promotional tools = Make money, more sales, less work
  • Different formats to meet your needs = Satisfaction, compatibility
  • Instant delivery = Save time, quick access, more free time
  • Large-font type = Easy to read, less eye strain
  • Money-back guarantee = Safety, satisfaction
  • Precision port cutouts in phone case = Full-function ports, less frustration
  • Order online – open 24 hours = Convenient, safe, economical
  • Clickable index = Easy to search, convenient
  • Multi-platform support = Use on multiple devices, convenient
  • Generates and remembers long passwords = Efficiency, security, less stress
  • Automatic software updates = Less stress, no tech skills needed
  • Friendly, knowledgeable support staff = Stress relief, satisfaction
  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Tips = Info on demand, find answers quickly
  • Custom organize materials = Personalize to needs, advanced usability

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