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Call-to-Action Phrases & Examples: Copy & Paste 51 CTA’s for Free

Swipe these 51 converting call-to-action phrases and examples to make money online on your website, email, or social media. Instead of wondering what to write to drive conversions, simply copy and paste these. Then fill in the blanks to tailor them to you.

What is a call-to-action (CTA?)?

The call to action (CTA) is an important element of marketing strategies and sales copy. The purpose of the call to action is to motivate readers or listeners to take a specific action you suggest. The action frequently helps your target readers solve a problem, as well as gets them into your conversion or sales funnel. However, they must click your call to action link first.

To convince and compel the reader to act, then the words in your copy and your call to action must be effective. The most effective words vary from niche to niche and even among audience segments within a niche. This is because the reader’s motivation is a major factor.

But, effective calls to action include specific words, phrases, and/or images that grab attention, evoke a strong emotion, create a sense of urgency, persuade them to try something, remove or reduce risk (build trust), empower or inspire the reader, etc. In addition, effective calls to action are easily viewed; appear multiple times, are highly relative and motivational. Above all, they clearly and specifically state the action you want them to take.

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Steal my call-to-action phrases and examples

Here are a few call-to-action phrases and examples that you can use as-is or customize for your specific needs:

  1. “Accept my exclusive invitation to _______.”
  2. “Advance your [skills, knowledge, opportunity, etc.] by _______.”
  3. “Boost My _______!”
  4. “Buy Now to _______.”
  5. “Call now _____.”
  6. “Call today to reserve your space.”
  7. “Choose to [succeed, profit, learn, grow, etc.]”
  8. “Claim your free subscription.”
  9. “Claim your free trial.”
  10. “Click here _____.”
  11. “Click here for a guided tour of our website.”
  12. “Click here to start your free trial.”
  13. “Click to get instant access”
  14. “Count Me In.”
  15. “Do it today and avoid disappointment.”
  16. “Don’t [action: buy, try, look at, join, etc.] unless you _______, first.”
  17. “Don’t get left behind! Click here to _______.”
  18. “Don’t Hesitate, Call Now”
  19. “Don’t let fear hold you back.”
  20. “Don’t waste another minute, get yours now.”
  21. “Download now”
  22. “Download Today”
  23. “Download your free report.”
  24. “Experience the Difference of _______”
  25. “Find Out First”
  26. “Find the answers you need to _______.”
  27. “For fastest service… [call or click]”
  28. “Get _____% off when you order today”
  29. “Get a free trial.”
  30. “Get it free here”
  31. “Get it NOW”
  32. “Get Me Started Now!”
  33. “Get the _______ weekly newsletter for more suggestions, guaranteed to _______.”
  34. “Guide My Steps To _______.”
  35. “I invite you to…”
  36. “I’m ready to _______.”
  37. “Join Now”
  38. “Just click here and…”
  39. “Make today my turning point to _______.”
  40. “Open more doors to _______ with _______.”
  41. “Order Now To Get [bonus]”
  42. “Rush Me Your ________ [solution]!”
  43. “Show Me My ______.”
  44. “Sign up for your introductory ______”
  45. “Start your trial”
  46. “Stop the vicious cycle and make a change now.”
  47. “Take this easy next step to _______.”
  48. “Talk to Me”
  49. “Watch ______ and Get _____% off _______.”
  50. “What are you waiting for? Call/Click now”
  51. “Your Success Starts Here”

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